The Gr. 10 Media Arts Squid Game Portrait Gallery

The popular Netflix K-Drama Squid Game has been a cultural force since its airing in Sept of this year. Deemed as the most streamed show on the platform, Squid Game has infiltrated every facet of popular culture, including our very own class!

Though inspired by the moral dilemma that surrounds the characters of the show, this project is by no means a form of fan art creation. Characters of that show are not the focus here. As a matter of fact, one doesn’t even need to watch the show.

Despite the show’s focus on the winner-take-all narrative, Squid Game is really all about morality, ethics, decisions and its consequences. Ultimately, the story and its characters attempt to only address several questions:

“What are you willing to defend, at all costs?”

“What are the most important things in your life?”

“What do you value the most?”

For this project, each student presents themselves as a participant in the game while the symbols behind them attempt to answer the questions above.

Ella B.
Sabrina DW
Bella G.
Eddie H.
Tori H.
Joseph I.
Maddie L.
Jamie L.
Alanah M.
Esmeralda S.
Isabella T.

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