Visual Arts Projects/Events for Semester 2

Gr. 10 Visual Arts – AVI2OR

Notan – The Expansion of the Square: iRap Visual Art Project (Photos by Jason M.)

iRap visual artists explore the interaction between positive and negative space. Students used their creativity to make harmonious compositions. Please click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

Architecture House Designs

Architecture House Designs (Photos by Jason M.)

Grade 10 iRap and Comprehensive Visual Art Students Designed their Future homes while learning about perspective. Please click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

Art For Seniors (Photos by Jason M. & Emily D.)

The iRap Visual Art students embarked on an art project entitled “ Art For Seniors. . The iRap program focuses on integrating the Arts and Technology but most importantly community involvement and art with purpose!

This visual art project allows students to connect with members of the Newmarket community by creating wooden panel paintings for seniors that express hope, empathy,  positivity and spring. For this project, we connected with the Roxborough Retirement Residence in Newmarket. On April 8th, 2022 as a class we walked to the retirement home and “gifted” our paintings to the residents. Please click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

Gr. 11 Visual Arts – AVI3M/R

Renaissance and Baroque Figure Drawings (Photos by Jason M. – Click on the thumbnail to view the larger version)

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