The Black History Month Project – A Grade 10 iRAP Media Arts CPT

For our final project of the year, our class focused on creating digital art by portraiture that features our chosen Black Canadians who defied and continue to challenge Anti-Black racism.

The objective of choosing a notable Black Canadian as the subject of a project in Adobe Illustrator would be to celebrate and recognize the contributions and experiences of Black Canadians. By depicting a specific Black Canadian in Illustrator, students could learn more about the individual and their achievements and explore the unique artistic challenges and opportunities of creating a portrait using the software.

Additionally, choosing a Black Canadian as the subject of the project could also help to promote diversity and inclusion and encourage students to consider the perspectives and experiences of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds.

Portia White by Elly A.
Willie O’Ree by Euan B.
Tamar Huggins by Ava B.
Eleanor Collins by Olivia D.
Sharmarke Dubow by Eliyana F.
Jean Augustine by Madison G.
Monica Gaylord by Jessica L.
Lincoln Alexander by Rhaff M.
Kia Nurse by Andrea M.
Larissa Crawford by Mo S.
Violet King by Donata S.
Devon Clunis by Gabriel S.
Donovan Bailey by Kia T.
Dr. Alexandra Bastiany by Amelia V.