Gr. 12 iRAP New Roads Performing Arts Poster Project

The Newmarket’s New Roads Performing Arts Centre is a local arts venue that provides a platform for musical and theatre performances. To promote the Centre’s events and activities, it plans to create a series of promotional posters showcasing its upcoming events.

For this project, our senior iRAP students are tasked with creating promotional posters for New Road’s musical and theatre performances. The iRAP students will design the posters, which will feature information about the event, including the date, time, venue, and ticket information. The posters will be designed to attract a diverse audience and reflect the vibrancy of the performances.

New Roads Upcoming / Current Shows

Student Gallery

Sophia B. – The Little Mermaid

Stephen D. – Off The Rock

Alisa K. – Simply Queen

Emily K. – Legally Blonde

Jacob PT. – Simply Queen

Madison S. – Legally Blonde

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