The Principles of Catholic Social Teaching Collaborative Project

The Catholic Church has a history of social teaching that goes back centuries and provides a compelling challenge for living responsibly and building a just society. Modern Catholic Social Teaching, rooted in Scripture and articulated through a tradition of written documents, has evolved over time in response to the challenges of the day.

In collaboration with the Gr. 10 iRAP Dance and Gr. 10 Religion class, our Gr. 10 iRAP Media Arts students created artworks that reflects the 5 chosen teachings for this inter-disciplinary project. To view the rest of our Gr. 10 Media Arts Digital Stained Glass works included in this video, please click here.


Welcome to the home of the Integrated Regional Arts Program at Sacred Heart Catholic High School. Our program is open to students from across York Region who are attending Grades 9 and 10 in September 2020.  

Students in this program will experience an enriched learning environment with a focus on creative engagement in the arts, technology, and beyond.  The interdisciplinary approach merges comprehensive arts and tech courses with core curricula to facilitate life-long learning in the arts.  This approach to arts-focused learning will be the first program of its kind at YCDSB.